COVID-19 Vaccine

Registration for the Covid-19 vaccine is now open to anyone aged 18+

Registering for your Covid-19 Vaccine:

Step 1: Register
You must pre-register on the provincial system to get notified when it is your turn.

Step 2: Book your appointment
You will receive a text, email or phone call when you’re eligible to book an appointment.

Step 3: Get the vaccine

Can I book my appointment online?

Yes, appointments can be booked online at the link below, or over the phone by calling 1-833-838-2323. You can register yourself or someone else, like a parent or grandparent. Everyone 18 and older in B.C. is eligible to get vaccinated, even if you don’t have a Personal Health Number or other documentation.

Once I get the vaccine will I receive an Immunization Card?

You will have the option to receive a paper and digital copy of your immunization record card. We recommend registering for Health Gateway, where your digital immunization record card will be available after you receive the vaccine

Why should I get the Covid-19 Vaccine?

Vaccines do more than protect you from COVID-19, they also protect everyone around you. The more people in a community who are immunized against COVID-19, the harder it is for the virus to spread. Vaccines approved in Canada have followed the same extensive testing as every other vaccine, and are proven to be up to 95% effective in protecting people from COVID-19.

Priority Populations

Pregnant People:

Pregnant people are eligible to be vaccinated now ahead of age group bookings.

To book a vaccine appointment:

  1. Register online or by phone using your Personal Health Number. If you are already registered, you don’t have to register again

  2. Call 1-833-838-2323 and self-identify as a pregnant person. The phone agent will book you an appointment


The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada supports the use of any COVID19 vaccine at any time in pregnancy.

Clinically Extremely Vulnerable:

If you want to know whether you are on the list of clinically extremely vulnerable (CEV) patients, who are being fast-tracked to receive the vaccine earlier than their age group, check this link: Vaccines for people who are clinically extremely vulnerable – Province of British Columbia ( It also provides you with direction regarding next steps.

If you think you should be on the CEV list and you haven’t been contacted, you can book an appointment with your family doctor. Please review the criteria in the link above first.



Click here to register for your covid vaccine and find the phone number for your health authority.


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